The BC Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health (ICVHealth) was created to understand and improve the cardiovascular health of British Columbians through the generation and application of high-quality outcomes evidence. As part of BC’s growing research strength in cardiovascular disease, ICVHealth aims to not only create new knowledge, but also work closely with policy makers, clinical leaders and patient groups to facilitate the application of new information to improve health.

BC holds an extensive collection of high quality clinical and administrative data; however, these valuable resources have not been routinely used to inform best health care practice. ICVHealth will apply leading outcomes methodology to generate evidence from these unique data sources and position BC as a provincial, national and international leader in cardiovascular outcomes evaluation. With core competencies in the linkage of clinical and administrative data, the development and utilization of cutting edge evaluation methods, and implementation of effective knowledge translation strategies, ICVHealth will achieve its goals through extensive collaboration with key scientists, policy makers, health administrators and health care providers. The value in these partnerships is evident in all of the projects that ICVHealth has selected to undertake, showcasing the strength and the potential of BC’s outcomes research.


Cardiovascular health and patient outcomes in British Columbia are optimized by the continual implementation of evidence.


To foster an environment of collaboration that inspires innovation, research excellence, and the implementation of evidence to inform and transform the delivery of cardiovascular care.

Value Proposition

Working alongside clinicians, patients, and policy-makers, we help bring new knowledge into practice to improve the health outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease.