Additional Services/Opportunities for Collaboration

Goal: To foster an environment of collaboration that inspires innovation and research excellence to generate the evidence to inform and transform how cardiovascular care is delivered in BC.

  1. Statistical Consulting – ICVHealth offers one-time, complimentary consultations per project for investigators seeking advice on appropriate research design, general statistical inquiries, interpretation of results, and solutions for data management. Individuals seeking consulting support should request a Consultation Request Form to outline the nature of the request and provide the relevant project information (i.e. background, objectives, design, and data sources). Please indicate the current stage of the study (i.e. planning, data collection, analysis, or interpretation) and how soon the assistance is required. Such information is crucial for determining if ICVHealth has the right resources and expertise for the project. Typical consultations will be one hour in length.  If necessary, there may be a follow-up meeting or written recommendations.Please be advised that this service does not involve carrying out data manipulation and analyses. For those seeking statistical analysis or more comprehensive support, please see the “Statistical Analysis” section below.
  2. Statistical Analysis – ICVHealth provides biostatistical and/or methodological support on a cost-recovery basis, contingent on ICVHealth’s capacity at the time of the request. Priority will be given to projects that have been peer-reviewed (e.g. CAPP-funded research projects), have institutional ethics approval, accessible data, and well-defined timelines. Individuals seeking both methodological and statistical support should complete the 2-page application form and arrange for an initial consultation (see form and contact information below).  Those seeking only biostatistical support are strongly advised to consult with ICVHealth prior to data collection.
  3. Letters of Support/Co-Investigators – If ICVHealth contributes materially to the design/analysis of a proposal, ICVHealth will provide a letter of support to the principal investigator for use in funding applications. If a member of the ICVHealth team has made a substantive contribution to a project, the principal investigator may also choose to include him/her as a co-investigator on the project.
  4. Conference Abstract Support – If you are considering submitting an abstract and would like our support, please let us know in advance so we may provide an estimate of time/cost and set aside time to help. Our deadlines for support requests are as follows:
  • New abstract requiring data analysis: 4 weeks from submission deadline (additional time might be needed if data cleaning and manipulation for new data or updated datasets are required)
  • New abstract (no new data analysis, requiring support for tables and figures, methods/results writing): 2 weeks from submission deadline

For more information, please email