Research Support for New Investigators

Goal: To build research capacity in BC by training and supporting the next generation of leaders in cardiovascular outcomes research.

ICVHealth offers support in the development of research projects for new investigators who have been appointed to the Assistant or Clinical Assistant Professor level within the past five years and who have not held peer-reviewed operating grants from a major provincial or federal granting agency. ICVHealth will provide support with:

    1. Refinement of the research question(s): work with the new investigator and content expert(s) to ensure proposals are compelling, focused and feasible.
    2. Planning and study design: advise on methodological considerations including, but not limited to, appropriate study design, statistical analysis plan and sample size requirements.
    3. Budget consultation: advise on budget considerations for the proposed study design.
    4. Internal review: connect investigators with peer reviewers who can provide constructive feedback on the scholarly content of the proposal.

The ICVHealth research support team consists of PhD level epidemiologists and biostatisticians with many years of combined experience in cardiovascular research and assessment of cardiovascular outcomes. For examples of successful ICVHealth-supported projects, please click here.

For more information, please email