Provincial Projects

Goal: To facilitate the generation and implementation of high quality evidence to optimize cardiovascular health and patient outcomes in BC.

ICVHealth supports high quality projects that fit the following criteria:

The project must address a question related to cardiovascular disease, in its broadest context:

  1. Coronary, cardiac, cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular, thrombosis
  2. Renal disease, diabetes or hypertension with demonstrated link to cardiovascular disease

The project should demonstrate potential for broad impact by:

  1. Improving patient outcomes
  2. Improving uptake of evidence into practice
  3. Reducing costs or enhancing resource utilization

The project must be feasible, as determined by the following:

  1. There is access to high quality data relevant to the study question
  2. The projected timeline for study completion are well defined
  3. There is support available to fund the study

ICVHealth staff and clinical researchers with content expertise will rigorously review potential project proposals. The Executive Committee, with representation from all BC Health Authorities, will give final approval.

Once approved, provincial projects will receive full operational support from ICVHealth, including project management, methodological and statistical support and development of an integrated knowledge translation plan.

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